Wednesday, January 15, 2014


You may say, "That's great, but what if I just don't know who I am?" Some people are pretty clear on who they truly are, whether or not they are currently living in alignment with their true selves. However, others have strayed from this knowing and are now a bit fuzzy about what this really means for them. And some folks have never truly achieved this clarity. 

This may not be the type of issue that comes up in your daily musings, but as a Life Coach, these are the very issues I work with every day.  So, what do we do if we simply don't know who we are anymore?  It's certainly more complex than a mere laundry list, but just as a jumping off point, I've compiled several ways to re-connect with your true essence, what makes your heart sing and what it actually means to be YOU:

10) Make art.  It can be anything -  doodle, paint, draw, color, sew, build, write, design, sculpt, photograph…. Don’t think about it- just play.

9) Go into a bookstore and meander to where your interests and energy lead you.  Just browse... and then take note of what piqued your interest.

8) Leaf through different types of magazines and notice what draws your attention.  Especially notice when your energy gets a little ‘blip’.  Pay attention to how your body (not your brain) reacts to different images or subjects.

7) Keep a journal.  Write whatever pops into your head and do not censor it.  (Also, don't make strict rules for yourself about how you 'should' do this, so it doesn't become something to resist or avoid.)

6) Remember what you loved to do when you were a child or teenager.

5) If you only had one year to live, what would be important to you? Is there anything particular you’d want to do? What would you let go of? What would you regret not having enough time to do?

4) Make a long list (50-100) of things you want to do.  You don’t need to do it all in one sitting.  The list can include all measure of things and can be anything!  Examples could include: have a snowball fight, see the Northern Lights, run a mile or a marathon, learn to scuba dive, read all the classics, taste one new food each week. Possibilities, are of course, endless.  Keep pushing yourself to think of more… (I think I will do this one) :-)

3) Notice the activities that make you ‘lose time.’  In what do you become so ensconced that you literally don’t notice the time passing?

2) Pay attention to your body- it never lies.  When you feel tight, heavy, or anxious, you are likely not enjoying yourself or expressing your true self.  (I know…duh…)  However, when do you feel light, joyful, or at peace? Even for just a brief moment?

1) You can’t be wrong if you are truly honest with yourself. 


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