Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Should Not Be Another Should!

I just want to take moment to remind you of something I am sure you already know. The biggest benefactors and proponents of Valentine's Day are the folks that make MONEY off of this holiday'. I am talking about the companies that manufacture and sell cards, flowers, candy and other sweets, perfume, jewelry, and oh yeah... restaurants. (and maybe hotels?) ;-)

I am not bitter, negative, or trying to be a wet blanket; I simply do not like be dictated to, in any circumstance. If you know me well, you are likely snickering or shaking your head. (Up and down to agree and side to side if you have ever witnessed me being told what to do!) I feel the same way about New Year's Eve, which I usually refer to as the night you "must have FUN damn it!" Sometimes my resistant nature serves me and sometimes it doesn't. In the case of Valentine's Day, I think it likely does.

If you are excited that today is slated to be a day of romance and fun... YAY!!!!! :-D I truly mean it. If you are having fun and/or have plans to have fun and enjoy time, a meal, exchanging gifts, (and other stuff) with your honey, that's really wonderful. I think it's great any time people are excited to be together to celebrate each other and their love, whether it be with a S.O., parents, grandparents, kids, nieces, nephews, friends, or pets.

I simply resent it being forced upon people, regardless of their current circumstances, perspectives or moods! And then, due to societal compliance, peer pressure, inner critics and mean ole' gremlins... many people feel icky and sad today. However, if you dislike Valentine's Day for any reason, or you are feeling blue, for any reason, or if you wish you had a honey and don't, or you are simply irreverent and defiant (like me), please remember that today is NO different than any other day, unless you make it so, one way or another. We don't have to just succumb and buy in to this silly commercialism. WE REALLY DO HAVE A CHOICE HERE, just like we do every day.

If it makes you happy to have fun on Valentine's Day, do it! If it doesn't, don't! If you want a sweetie and don't have one, know that it's just not the time and love and celebrate yourself even more. Self-care and love, self-confidence and a true awareness of your own gifts and uniqueness and who you truly are IS what makes people truly attractive anyway. Also... don't forget, even people who have a honey can dislike Valentine's Day, or at least be apathetic, for any number of reasons. (Or they can be into it sometimes, but not others. Hee.) And if all else fails, do something sweet for someone else- that pretty much always feels good. Oh yeah... and eat some chocolate. As far as I am concerned, EVERY DAY is a good day for eating chocolate!